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You guys, I am so stinking excited! Almost all of my labs are back in normal range. YES, even my white blood cell count! Is it the fact that my body is listening to my subconscious (you are almost done)? Is my body simply just getting stronger? Is it my immunity green juice? Is it my supplements? Is it the prayers and good vibes? I think it’s a combination of all of it, so I owe a thank you to you, the prayer warriors and those sending the positive vibes <3. THANK YOU!


Not only are my laboratory tests more normal, but I am also growing hair… on my head, my legs, my pits and nether region. All in time for beach season 🙂 Seriously, who knew I’d be so excited to start shaving again?

So many things to be grateful for today and everyday- friendships, family, lab tests, B the Light– making my dream a reality, conferences, hair and I am almost done climbing this mountain! Can you believe it? I only have 3 Taxol treatments left before I can call myself an OVERCOMER, a SURVIVOR!

This past weekend, I attended the RISExLIVE conference presented by the Hollis Company with some amazing speakers: Rachel and Dave Hollis, Brit Barron, Ed Mylett, John C. Maxwell, Eric Thomas, Jen Hatmaker and Donald Miller.

John C. Maxwell mentioned that life isn’t perfect, we sometimes have to take the detours and that’s OK. We just need to remember that when we are given lemons, we CAN make lemonade.

Donald Miller compared life to a story, are you the victim, the villain, the hero or the guide? It’s ok to play the victim for a short while, but you should never play the villain. True leaders want to be the guide in our story, but you can’t become the guide without courage to play the hero.

Dave talked about confidence and identity and how it all starts with understanding the “if/then” relationship with our personal values. Are we limiting ourselves because of the beliefs we have that question our ability to fully live into our identity?

Ed Mylett reminded us that EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR YOU, NOT TO YOU! We just need to re-frame the story we are telling ourselves. The quality of our life = The quality of our emotions.

Brit Barron talked about moving through fear to find courage and that it’s ok to have certainty about a dream in an uncertain time.. She reminded us that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., almost didn’t include the “I have a dream…” to his speech at the Lincoln Memorial. Someone behind him whispered, “tell them about your dream.”

Eric Thomas reminded us that we need to continue with enthusiasm and patience. “Fear is a reaction, courage is a decision.” I CAN. I WILL. I MUST.

Jen Hatmaker shared her thoughts on being a courageous parent. Brave moms, raise brave kids. She also reminded us that we shouldn’t be worrying about whether or not we are doing it right, the fact that we are worried about it means we are doing just fine.

Rachel talked about mindset, perspective, resilience, consistency, habits and leadership. We were built on the shoulders of giants. We are warriors- we train every day so we are strong enough to take on battles. We expect to get our butt’s kicked. We learn from our previous battles and learn to strengthen our weaknesses. Those are the keys to resilience and becoming a good leader.

MIND BLOWN….RIGHT?!?! I could go on and on and on. The reason I’m sharing this with you is because it’s this right here…. it’s practicing self development that makes me the person I am today. In my last blog I told you that God had me preparing myself for this cancer journey all along. God pointed me in the direction of self development and I became obsessed- how can I be a better version of myself? It was through conferences, books, supporting great causes (like B the Light) and my diagnosis that I found my answers. Like Ed Mylett said, “Life is happening for you, not to you.”

Pay it forward. Have courage. Go into battle. Learn. Have a positive mindset. Support others. Give when you can. Practice gratitude. Move your body-change your mind. Strive to become the guide, the leader…. and so much more.

Thank you God, for pointing me in this direction to give me the strength and courage to climb this mountain called cancer.

Thank you all, for your support, prayers and kind words to keep me fueled and full of fire. I couldn’t do it without you. It is with your help that in just 3 weeks, I will be an OVERCOMER!

Love and Hugs to each and everyone of you.


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