Another Year Older

The start of the pout.

For those of you who know our daughter, Rowyn, you know she is the best pouter. She exaggerates all the characteristics of a pout. She stops what she is doing, stares at you and frowns. She puts her head down (unless there is a table near by, then she rests her head on her arm) so her cheeks sag forward and then she will check to see if you are looking at her. If you are looking or not she will “hmmph” with a big shoulder slump to make sure she has your attention.

Anyhow, I may have just figured out where Rowyn may have learned to pout so well. You guys, I’m 32 years old, “hmmph”.

But… I am 32 years old!! This past year was rough, but it was also amazing:

  • I ran a marathon
  • We went to Seattle to visit Zac and Christa
  • I traveled to Texas with Mikayla to attend RISE
  • I had a Tiny House adventure with some girlfriends
  • We went to the Atwater Threshing Show with the family
  • I drank wine at Chanksa Winery with some of the Larsen crew
  • We sent Samuel off to preschool
  • We transitioned Rowyn into a big girl bed and successfully potty trained her.
  • I attended the B The Light Gala
  • I was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma
  • I had a double mastectomy.
  • Our marriage and family bonds grew stronger

Not only did all that happen, but I also grew- developmentally and spiritually. Definitely a year to remember.

I was telling my dear friend, Andrea that cancer definitely sucks, but it brought us together and that it is really turning me into a better person- I live with more intention, I have goals and dreams, and I am definitely more grateful. Oddly, 1- Thank you, Cancer. Obviously 2- Thank you, God for preparing me for this diagnosis by guiding me to grow. I don’t know where I would have been had I not learned about courage, being my true self, the importance of prayer, empowerment, friendships, gratitude and wellness: physical, social, mental and spiritual. All things I learned and started practicing after I read Rachel Hollis, Brene Brown and other authors of self development books.

Last year when I turned 31 I had 4 goals for the year:

  1. Enjoy the little things
  2. Stress less about the messes or things I cannot change
  3. Be present
  4. Start each day being grateful for what I have

Upon review and some reflection I’d say I did pretty darn good. I spent more time practicing self-development and growth which helped me reach some of those goals. Sure I still stressed about things I couldn’t change, but honestly, who wouldn’t have stressed after hearing they have breast cancer? Thankfully my surgeon gave me a different perspective on it and I was able to grow and learn from my diagnosis too.

Now for my 32nd trip around the sun I have new goals:

  1. Start each day with Gratitude and Meditation- prayer, goal orientation and self development
  2. Celebrate all the wins, big and small
  3. Be an exceptional wife, mother and friend
  4. Embrace all chaos and choose joy
  5. Finish chemotherapy and officially become an OVERCOMER (only 5 rounds of Taxol left!)
  6. Gain new perspectives and live intentionally.

Here’s to a year of continued growth, development, overcoming and goal crushing!

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  1. Happy Birthday Sweet One!! You have so many reasons to be proud and thankful. You have grown into a beautiful woman, inside and out!! Hugs

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