Toots and Giggles

Good morning, my friends!

It’s been a week since I talked to you last, so I felt you deserved an update. I’m going to keep it short and sweet.

I completed my 5th round of Taxol, aka the Dirty Dozen. Only 7 left! Thank goodness, because my mental psyche is ready for a break. I’m feeling fine with the exception of feeling tired, subconsciously dealing with anxiety and loneliness, and extra tootiness. I’ve been drinking 80 ounces of water, moving my body for 30 minutes, taking all my supplements and practicing gratitude… EVERYDAY. I was hoping that everything I was doing was going to help improve my counts, but my white blood cell count dropped again, along with my hemoglobin and platelet count. Not only was I upset about my counts, but I am missing my friends, my family, seeing people smile and giving hugs.

Yesterday I broke down and cried. Thank you mom, for calling and allowing me cry. Thank you mamma Schultz, for taking the kiddos so I could rest.

Not only did I rest, but I did what helps me mentally get back on track: I moved my body for 30 minutes, I read a chapter in my book written by John C. Maxwell, took a bath and reviewed my Joy List. (If you need help with your Joy List, visit Quibi, download their free 90 day trial and watch Rachel Hollis explain Joy and Happiness. Be sure to do the homework at the end: Make a Joy List, Make a Gratitude List, etc.)

Ok, now get ready to giggle.

When I started chemo, my friend, Christa asked me if I noticed being more gassy and if I did, did my toots smell different. With my Red Devil regimen, I didn’t notice anything, but low and behold, Taxol has done it. I kid you not. Fridays after treatment, I start developing stomach aches and gas, lookout! Thankfully, Samuel and Rowyn think it’s funny that mommy has the toots. What is it with kids and tooting? Dad on the other hand always says, “girls don’t toot!” This might be too much information, but the toots, smell like chemo. What does chemo smell like? Well, it has it’s own odor and I honestly don’t know how to describe it other than I think it smells like chemo- a mixture of hospital and medication.

So, if you have seen me out for a walk on Fridays and I occasionally look more light on my feet, I probably just tooted he-he!

On a serious note, I just want to ask, what are you doing do take care of yourself during this time of the Stay at Home Order? If you need someone just to listen, I’m here. If you need someone to make you giggle, I am here. If you need someone to give you some healthy ideas, I am here. Hang in there, we can do this!

Take care my friends,



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