Wiggin’ Out

Does anyone else have a week where they think to themselves, “gosh, can I please just catch a break?

Round 2 of chemotherapy hit me differently or maybe it’s because I was more prepared for what was coming- minus the pounding headache. Instead of being miserable and enduring the punch of the Red Devil on my own I used the resources I had to be more comfortable. Thank you, compazine and Crested River- Philotimo for helping with the nausea, body aches, anxiety and brain fog.

So there I was, feeling fine with the exception of the regular fatigue when, WHAM! We caught the bug. No amount of Emergen-C was going to help me stay healthy when my white count dropped to 3.9 and everyone in the house was running a temp, coughing and using mommy as a tissue.

Wait. It gets better.

Not only were we all sick, but our water heater malfunctioned meaning we were without hot water AND we had water in our basement.

Like seriously? Come on!

You’ll be happy to know that after a week of Tamiflu, cough syrup, gallons of orange juice and a visit from our plumber we are back up and running. Praise, Jesus!

But wait, there is more. I have more to be thankful for. You know how I always talk about practicing gratitude, well, even after a crap week I was still able to find something to be thankful for:

  • The bug hit us all simultaneously so our sickness wasn’t drug out for weeks.
  • The water was a quick clean up and stayed in the old cellar
  • The water heater only required a small fix (something with a pressure switch)
  • The opportunity to wear my wig to visit the Himalayan Salt Room in Mankato to help strengthen my immune system
When I was little, sick days called for snuggles at grandma’s and the Price is Right

Are you having a tough day or maybe even a bad week? Well, instead of wiggin’ out, write down 5 things you are thankful for. You have your own mountain to climb, but if you just keep yodeling, I know you will overcome what you may be going through. You just gotta stay positive.

Now it’s time to prepare for another treatment. Just thinking about it makes me anxious, but I have to remind myself that the bad days are only temporary and with each treatment I’m one step closer to being an OVERCOMER. (Is it May yet?) On the bright side, another treatment means another day hanging with the amazing staff and volunteers at the Virginia Piper Cancer Institute (NUMC), the hubby and my new chemo buddy, Andrea!

See, so much to be thankful for.

What are you thankful for?

Hugs, Sara

Seriously, if you haven’t hopped on the CBG/CBD bandwagon, contact my cousin, Shawn Weber at Crested River. He is so knowledgeable in the health benefits that CBG/CBD have to offer. #GONATURAL #HEALING

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