It’s Only Hair

What a beautiful journey! The path up my mountain has definitely been scenic and I can’t believe the wide range of beauty I have seen so far. The most beautiful part of this journey is all the love and support you have given to me and my family and we are so grateful. It’s your texts, prayers, good vibes, meals and everything in between that create a rainbow after a dreary day. (Wow, does that sound cheesy or what?!)

Today is one of those dreary days….

I can’t believe how much my hair started falling out after Round 2. I had hair everywhere, it was gross, but I’m still sad it’s gone. That’s right, it’s gone. Today was hair donation day. I’m sad, I’m teary-eyed just thinking about it, but thankfully there is a child with hair loss who is going to benefit from my donation. (I’m all about silver linings)

I was terrified of what Samuel would say when he saw me without hair, but the one who had a more difficult time was my sweet, Rowyn. She kept looking at me and asking where my hair was. How do you explain to a one and a half year old what cancer is and the side effects of chemotherapy? Que the water works….

I’m still processing, so hang tight, and maybe I’ll share more feelings or thoughts later, but for now… check out this brief video made by B. North Photography: #TeamSara

Bring on the wigs, hats and scarves <3


Sara, Tyler, Samuel and Rowyn

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